Daniel Ellsberg has been called a traitor, a patriot, a thief, and a hero—all the same things as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. However, today, he is considered a hero by most Americans and some ask “Why couldn’t Edward Snowden act like Daniel Ellsberg?” and never listen for the answer. Not because he isn’t saying it either. Daniel Ellsberg fully supports both Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Because their actions were inspired by the decision that Ellsberg himself made nearly 45 years ago. Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers which shed light on the illegalities of the Vietnam War. At that time, we followed international law and we were not a torture state. At that time, people were outraged when we found out about spying on the American people thanks to the Church commission. It was a different time. The thing is, Daniel Ellsberg sides with Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden; he agrees with their actions and their choices. Who knows better than someone like Manning and Snowden who has been called a traitor, a patriot, a thief, and a hero. Share if you agree. #Snowden #FreeChelsea