If you talk to conservatives, they will tell you the Constitution is a dead document and they seek the original thought behind the document. They twist logic to support their vision. How else could Thomas Jefferson, someone who advocated for wealth redistribution, become a hero to those on the right? The constitution is a living document. It’s alive and changes are the intent of that document. That was the original intent. I hope soon we see two important changes to the constitution in my lifetime. One will happen: Money out of politics! There are two great groups working to get money out. Wolf PAC is a super pac that is working on eliminating the needs to even have a super pac. You can join here: http://www.wolf-pac.com/?recruiter_id=13868 Also, there is Move To Amend, whom I did this image for originally. Both groups are working on getting money out of politics. The second thing I’d like to see changed is the second amendment. It was intended to prevent imperialism, yet to make slave owners happy, it was rewritten to allow the police state needed to enforce slavery. The second amendment needs to be rewritten to ban imperialism, to eliminate the public or private tyranny of a police state (Like for example, the Bundy Ranch), and to insure we do not live in a country where the tyranny of the NRA rules the land. This was the original intent of the constitution as envisioned by our founding fathers and George Washington; to be a living document. Share if you agree.