Originally published June 23, 2011

At UWM campus there was a group of 20 students who stormed the theater to protest Scott Walker’s Union Busting bill. They became the longest student occupation in American history for occupying their building for 2 months. 

This is not their story.

This is a story about Scott Walker and Republicans across this fine land, working hard to repress our rights. They know that if we had a true democracy, we would not have very many Republicans. The Republican party does not represent the views of most Americans. They want to take from the poor and give to the rich because that makes jobs. That is a falsehood! Their ideas have a negative impact on the people of this country. There is no mass voter fraud except those that favor them. Very few people reported on the mass failure of the voting machines in Ohio back in 2004. It makes one wonder, if we didn’t have Republican voter fraud, would we even have had the first term, not only a second term, of George W. Bush?

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