Life comes in circles. What has come before will come again. The great Thom Hartmann is fond of quoting Arnold Toybee: “When the last man that remembers the horrors of the last great war dies, the next great war becomes inevitable.” The reason we repeat atrocities is that history isn’t always lived by those who have experienced it before. Experience tempers the radicals…
    Anyone who has studied history can see this. It is a constant struggle between those with economic power and those without. Mr. Hartmann is also fond of pointing out that America has seen a series of eighty-year cycles, beginning in the Revolutionary War, where we threw off the corporate dominance of the East India Company and England- which was a proto-fascist state at the time, to the Civil War, in which the South wanted to create a different proto-fascist state, and then during the Great Depression where we remade America again, for the third time- building this nation up into greatness through a thriving middle class. We are due for another clash. The 4th chapter of America. It has always been against the same forces, though the names have changed, the attempt to combine government with a powerful, non-sustainable economic system forced upon the people by the government to benefit the few is why we rebelled in the first place. It is why we had to defeat the South because that was the system they wanted to build. It is why we had a Great Depression and it is why we are having a crash today.
    I do not want to see another civil war. What we need to avoid that is a real leader- a visionary like Lincoln or Roosevelt. In 2008, I thought that person was Obama. I know now it was not. I don’t know who this bold leader is, but I do know we need them now.

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