On this Labor Day, even though our labor movement is almost destroyed, here are some thoughts about today. For the most part, our founding fathers were aristocrats, but it was the few who made their voices heard that helped the ones who benefited from the hard work of their fathers and their fathers before them. Unlike our modern aristocrats, most of the founding fathers understood the plight of the working man. This lead to vigorous debate, which is necessary in a democracy. As a small child I was too young to remember seeing Ronald Reagan kill organized labor. I became aware in the decade after that Overton Window was jolted much closer to the Reagan fascistic ideal. Now we are seeing the mere beginning of new labor movement. Let’s move the window back towards our national ideal, back towards democracy. Let us continue this conversation that has been 250 years in the making. Share if you agree.


I am looking for labor leaders who are around today who is like Samuel Gompers. Labor in this country has been devalued for too long and we need someone like Gompers who can create the language of the 21st century. We are still using the language created by Gompers over 100 years ago. Gompers is someone worth reading and learning about but where are the Gompers of today? With Labor Day tomorrow we should remember Gompers, and our forefathers who gave us the freedoms that are trying to be robbed from us by the neo-liberal agenda. We need those leaders who know what tomorrow means. Gompers was there, we now need leaders like him to remind us of what we are fighting for. Share if you agree.


I don’t know much about the Fox News spokes-models. I do know that S.E. Cupp was their resident non-blond, and when she left Andrea Tantaros took up that position. She, like her fellow spokes-models, says the kind of deplorable things that make old men who live alone and watch Fox News wish they had viagra because they are turned on by misogony in a short dress. This is the reason they are hired. Also, the median age Fox News viewer is 65, so they need all the help they can get.

I only know two things about Andrea Tantaros, beyond her hair color, one is the quote above, and the other is a graphic I made 2 years ago about the time she said living on the poor person’s food budget would be a great way to loose weight. So I made this:

I do hope that Tantaros does not have an eating disorder and I do hope if she does, she gets the help she needs, and she was just echoing image obsessed television pressures.

So she’s on the show “The Five.” Filled with a collection of horrible people, including the Neo-Liberal “New Democrat” Dana Perino who is the smartest person in that room on the panel but often on the wrong side of most issues. This show is a train wreck and I urge people that no one should watch it. On this show, Tantaros made this comment which is just wrong.

If Eric Holder did run the Department of Justice like the Black Panthers, he would do the following things: 1) Take down all of Wall Street and redistribute the money he seized from the banksters. 2) Arm the black community for self defense. 3)Personally lead the protesters in Ferguson like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, charging the tanks yelling “FREEEDOM!”

Eric Holder has done none of these things.

He is afraid of Wall Street because between the Clinton and Obama administrations, he worked for Wall Street. Why else would he do nothing after Wall Street extracted the money from the middle class and crashed the economy? He is a neo-liberal. However, to be fair, during the second Obama administration he has done great work on civil rights. Beyond that, his time as attorney general has been a disappointment.

If Eric Holder, who has been Wall Street’s best friend, has Fox News angry it makes me question why? They both let Wall Street off the hook, they both espouse neo-liberal ideas, and they are both for droning. So why would Fox News constantly attack one of their own? Could it be because Eric Holder is black?

Fox News and the people of the Five are so revolting, they have to attack Eric Holder on the one good issue he is on so he would snap in line with their neo-liberal agenda. It’s racism at its finest. It’s grotesque and insulting. But why not, Andrea Tantaros already told starving people to eat less.

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As a piece of art, I wish I could redo this, as a quote, right on! This was from Gwen Moore’s appearance on the Melissa Harris Perry show back in 2012.

State rights are a code word for subjugating the rights of minorities. It is a code word used by Ronald Reagan when he began running for president in 1980. Known racists George Wallace, Ron Paul, and Strom Thurmond has used it, so when people like Rand Paul use it, it reinforces that he, too, is a racist. But a different kind of racist than his father was.

Racism is supremacy plus power. It has been redefined as just hate. This only aids the racism within “States Rights” pushers, because the very act of states rights intrenches the white power structure. As I’ve stated before, Rand Paul is for the power structure that created the situation in Ferguson, but he’s too stupid to realize it. The states should be the laboratories of democracy, and the federal government should be able to say what works and what doesn’t because we are one country. Let’s move away from Civil War era ideas. Share if you agree.


Originally published December 16, 2011

There is a video that the always amazing and talented S#!t Scott Walker is Doing to my State, SSWIDTMS, Arthur made. Typically I take what he and his merry band of Wisconsin Protesters have done and use the cast of Right About Now to recreate it. Ironically Michael Robinson, citizen journalist and Arthur both began separately and it seems we have life imitating art and vice versa.

Arthur made a video that should go viral and get him an invitation to Bill O’Reilly’s show…


If you want to see it, I have it here.

Due to time, I couldn’t track down Mary Jo, the woman who is in this video. I wrote and illustrated this comic within 24 hours of seeing the video..

However, I keep in touch with Arthur who is an invaluable resource for my comic. Beyond being there in the streets, and helping raise awareness as one of the citizen journalists fighting for social justice, he provides me with various protests and I get the word out. I do what I can.

Please like his page on Facebook and watch some of his awesome videos.


This might be my all time favorite quote of Roosevelt. It’s still so true today. The Economist Richard D. Wolff recently said on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann that the word fascism is a loaded word, which is true, but it is the perfect description of the direction that our government and economic system is going. Noam Chomsky once said:

"Unaccountable private tyranny." The same can be said of Fascism. Fascism calls for the elimination of democracy. It’s anti-union and states that big business knows better than the people. Strangely enough, that, too sounds like Libertarianism. Hmmm….I wonder what else libertarianism and fascism have in common.

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Originally published December 15, 2011

To be continued….


If you are not familiar with Gary Younge, I urge you to start reading his work at the Guardian and the Nation magazine. It’s worth your time. I only just discovered he has a book book out, at the time I am writing this. His perspective is flavored by being a son of an immigrant and then becoming an immigrant himself to America. He is a rather large black man with a soft British accent who draw you into what he is saying. Which is odd, because he spends most of his time with loudmouth right-wing extremists with an eye on American history. He has traveled the world and seen poverty at its worst. He understands desperation and revolution. He understands the importance of what a riot means, and does not glamorize it. Rioting is a class act, and being from a society acutely aware of its class structure, he knows of what he speaks. Share if you agree.


Originally published December 14, 2011

Where did Keith go?


Maulana Karenga is a name more people should know, he created Kwanzaa. (He also shares my birthday.) He also nailed this, Ferguson is a revolt, not a riot. It was a peaceful revolt despite the massive, armored police response. When police murder a teenager, one who is about to go to college, for jay walking, then a revolt is necessary, when one person throws a water bottle, tear gas and rubber bullets should not be the response. We must revolt and remove from power anyone who thinks this is an appropriate response. The violent occupation in Ferguson, if it had happened in the Bundy Ranch would have been understandable, but because Cliven Bundy is white, he can steal from the American people, and because Mike Brown was black, he had to be murdered. Share if you agree.